Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

Air conditioners have become a necessity if you consider the ever-rising temperature we face during summers. And if you think Air cooler can be a solution, you may be wrong. It’s because places like Delhi and other cities in northern India face extreme heat, and coolers are just not effective.

It’s the reason why people resort to Air conditioners for a better cooling experience. However, your air conditioner must come from a reliable brand with a decent reputation in the market. Otherwise, you may regret investing money in the wrong brand or machine.

Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

So, if you seek a reliable brand from which you can buy your AC, stay with us. In this article, you’ll find the top ten Air Conditioner Brands you can rely on and buy AC from. You’ll also find a guide in this article to help you decide which AC works the best according to your needs.

1- Daikin 

Daikin is a Japanese multinational Air conditioner manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Daikin operates in Africa, India, the Middle East, the USA, China, and Japan. This company has a great hold in the split AC market as it developed the first multi-split and split air conditioners. Daikin is known to deliver innovative, effective, and energy-efficient cooling devices. Not only it deals with the residential air conditioner but with air purifiers as well. Daikin products are durable, sturdy, and are of the best possible quality.

One fine example of its successful products can be the Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. It comes with a five-star energy rating and one-ton capacity, which makes it both effective and energy-efficient. It’s because of such beautiful products, Daikin is soaring in the Indian market. If you have a good investment to make and want a long-term cooling solution, Daikin can be your brand of choice.

2- Haier 

Second, on our list is Haier. Hair is a Chinese multinational company that deals in consumer electronics and home appliances. Haier was originally founded in 1984 in China as Qingdao Refrigerator Co. Since then, it has never looked back. Haier is known to develop, manufacture, and distribute refrigerators, mobile phones, washing machines, television, and our favorite air conditioners. Haier deals in bother Split and window Ac section, which makes it quite versatile.

It produces fine air conditioners just like the Haier 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC, which comes with amazing features like stabilizer free operation, self-clean technology, 15-meter air throw, etc. Such features are quite attractive when it comes to the Indian market, where people crave more. Haier is doing a fine job and was the best brand in major appliances for ten consecutive years. It’s enough to show how well the products work. The brand has numerous R&D centers across the world that work to add innovation to its products.

3- Blue Star

Let’s jump to an Indian Air Conditioning brand. Blue Star is an Indian multinational, national brand or company which was founded in 1984. Blue Star has its headquarters in Mumbai and specializes in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning products. You’ll not only find superior Air Conditioners from Blue Star but water coolers as well. It’s known to have various manufacturing plants in India and crafts products that are loved by Indians. You can find features like automatic error detection, hidden display, and 2-way swing in its product like the Blue Star 3 Star 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC.

Blue Star offers amazing internal features and provides cutting-edge design to add to the room’s aesthetic appeal. Also, Blue Star offers amazing features at pretty affordable prices. It’s the reason why Blue Star is one of the favorite Air Conditioner brands in India. You can judge the quality of its products because it offers a ten-year warranty on AC compressors.

4- Voltas

Voltas is another Indian brand owned by TATA and was founded in 1954. Now, TATA is a very big name here in India. It’s one of the reasons why people trust Voltas too. Voltas specializes in cooling technology and air conditioning and is headquartered in Mumbai. Voltas, being an Indian brand, is very well aware of the needs of Indian users.

Consider the Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC, which offers amazing cooling and energy savings at the same time. Also, it’s quite affordable in the long run. You’ll find both Split and window AC from this company. The window ACs are very affordable and are pretty compact and offer amazing cooling. Also, there are hot and cold AC units that can be bought at affordable prices.

5- Lloyd

Lloyd is an amazing Air conditioner producer popular in India. It was acquired by Havells in 2017, which made It even more trustworthy. Lloyd produces numerous products such as refrigerators, washing machines but is principally known because of its cooling solution, i.e., Air conditioners. Lloyd was always on the list of top AC manufacturers in India and has always brought innovative solutions for Indian users. Lloyd’s Split ACs come with amazing features like a BLDC motor for better functioning and quick cooling.

It produces 3 to 5-star energy rated ACs which come with and without an inverter compressor. So, ample variety is available for you to choose from. The build quality of products from Lloyd is quite appreciable. It’s quite easy to determine as Lloyd offers a 10-year compressor warranty with most of its products.

6- LG

LG is a South Korean brand founded in 1958 to redevelop the nation with domestic made home appliances and consumer electronics. However, it turned out to be a brand that people love in India and across the globe. Whether you talk about refrigerators, LED TVs, mobile phones, or Air conditioners, LG is everywhere. It manufactures products that are suited best for Indian settings. You can find a 2-ton 3-star inverter AC from LG, which come with ocean black copper technology which presents an anti-corrosive nature.

LG produces both split and window air conditioners, so you’ve got both options at hand. Also, you can choose from the inverter and non-inverter air conditioners. So, the choice is yours. LG has its products all over the world, so the quality is undoubtedly amazing.

7- Carrier 

Now, it’s time for an American brand. We’re talking about Carrier, which is based in Florida, America. Founded in 1915, Carrier had its main focus on the distribution and manufacturing of HVAC systems, etc. However, it has successfully captured the commercial and residential cooling market across the globe. Carrier produces both Split and Windows ACs with inverter technology. So, you can, according to your needs, choose the one that works the best. One of its most-loved split ACs is Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

It’s one of the best suited AC for the harsh weather here in India. You can expect effective cooling even at 55 degrees, which is way past what we experience in India. So, this brand is worth your investment. Also, you can find long compressor warranties, which is enough to determine the product’s quality.

8- Hitachi 

Hitachi is a big name, as you can very well guess. Similar to Daikin, Hitachi is a Japanese conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It’s known for producing numerous consumer electronics but is popular among Indians for its high-quality air conditioners. Hitachi produces both windows and split AC systems, which are quite versatile and effective when it comes to quick cooling. The latest technologies which are embedded in Hitachi’s products is what makes cooling so easy and quick.

You can find invertor split Air conditioners which have a stabilizer free operation. It simply saves you good money as you don’t have to install a separate stabilizer with most of its products. Also, Hitachi produces environmentally friendly products.     

9- Godrej

Godrej is a popular brand based in Mumbai, India. It is known for quite a broad range of products, and consumer electronics is one of them. Godrej offers furniture solutions, electronics like a refrigerator, air conditioners, and whatnot. It’s one of the few companies here in India which produces five-star energy-efficient split Air conditioners with a two-ton capacity.

Not only split air conditioners, but Godrej is also known to offer amazing window air conditioners that are equally effective. You’ll only find the best quality products from this brand.

10- Mitsubishi

Here’s another famous Japanese multinational company specializing in electrical and electronic products. It’s a pretty old brand that was established back on January 15, 1921, and is now headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Mitsubishi is known for its elite and high-end home appliances. When you need heavy duty split air conditioners with a really powerful cooling experience, Mitsubishi AC is what you should go for.

You can find three-star two-ton air conditioners from this brand with ease. It’s ACs come with a big compressor and condenser for a distinguished cooling experience. No doubt it’s a pretty costly brand. However, it’s worth every penny.

Buying Guide for Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

Here are some pointers that’ll help you find the best air conditioner brand in India: –

1- Look for the Product Reviews

If you have shortlisted some brand you want to buy an AC from, you must check its reviews on the internet. This will help you know how reliable the brand and its products are. You can also ask your friends and family regarding the product’s quality and effectiveness.

2- Look for Warranty & Good Customer Service

You should check whether or not the brand offers a warranty on its products. You may not know which problem you may encounter while using the AC. So, ensuring a long error-free usage, you must look for a warranty from the brand.

3- Look for a Brand that Offers Energy-Efficient Solutions

While you’re looking for an AC brand, you’ll find almost all companies deliver products that serve the purpose of cooling the room. However, what’s more, important is energy efficiency. If the product is causing you too much money during the use, it’s simply not worth it.

Look for a company that produces energy-efficient products at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some common questions that’ll help you find a reliable AC brand in India.

Should I look for an energy rating or not? 

You definitely should. Otherwise, you may end up raising your monthly energy bills. Energy rating determines how efficient the product is. More is the rating, and less is the bill. So, you should look for an energy rating before buying an AC from any brand.

Does high price mean high quality?

Well, that is partially true. High price brings more features, which means more durability and thus more quality. However, you can always compare the features of two products of different brands and find what you need. Once you’re done selecting, you can compare the prices and go for the lowest one. This way, you can find the best features at affordable prices. So, a high price never necessarily indicates the best quality. 

Why is it important to select an AC brand before buying an AC?

Well, AC is not something people buy every day. It’s a costly home appliance that requires some research before you make the buying decision. After all, not every brand is able to offer the best quality products and at affordable prices.

So, you should always go for a brand that has some decent market value and then choose the AC variant according to what you need.


The list of the top AC brands in India comes to an end. You can find the best heavy duty ACs from brands like Mitsubishi and affordable cooling solutions from brands like Godrej. However, if you’re unable to choose the best brand suitable for you, refer to our guide here.

With our guide, you can easily decide which brand is the best for you. We hope that the above information is quite useful. And if it is, please share this piece of information on social media. Also, do keep coming for similar insights.

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